When you have a restricted masonry opening but wish to provide a larger clear door opening than a bi-parting sliding door may offer, record-usa’s  telescopic  sliding door system (available in either three or six panels) provides increased door opening all the while utilizing our quiet and durable operating system, and the SMART panel is standard!

5100 Series Sliding Door System

The record 5100 Series Sliding Door System provides silent microprocessor driven gear reduction belt drive operation for years of dependable service. This Swiss and American designed sliding door has the latest in electronic assembly and software programming and comes with a lifetime warranty for the door track system. The 5100 Series sliding door is not only available in all ANSI configurations, but can be applied to all types of specialty applications.

5300 Series Automatic Dual Motor Sliding Door

The record 5300 Series Sliding Door is designed with a dual motor system to provide extra assurances for oversized or over height door panels. Manufactured exactly the same as the 5100 series, the 5300 series likewise is reliable, durable, rugged and meets all expectations when you wish to design door ways that promote that unique look that only monstrous doors can!