Surface Applied

Where space allotments are at a minimum, record-usa’s surface applied sliding and folding door system provide a larger door opening than otherwise would be available by mounting the doors within the confines of a masonry opening.

4500 Series Automatic Slide/Fold Doors

Where space is at a premium, record’s Slide/Fold doors allow quick and easy access. Ideally suited to buildings with narrow entrances, they are the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, business premises, hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as offices and private buildings. The Slide/Fold doors use record’s proven system drive and control units, and have all the features and functions of record’s 5100 series standard operator. The Slide/Fold can be either surface applied or mounted between jambs.

5100 Series Sliding Door System

The record 5100 Series Sliding Door System provides silent microprocessor driven gear reduction belt drive operation for years of dependable service. This Swiss and American designed sliding door has the latest in electronic assembly and software programming and comes with a lifetime warranty for the door track system. The 5100 Series sliding door is not only available in all ANSI configurations, but can be applied to all types of specialty applications.

5200 Series All Glass Sliding Door

The record 5200 Series Sliding Door System is a visually please system that removes unsightly framing members to provide an expansive viewed opening. Ideal for museums, auto dealerships and other locations that demand elegance, the 5200 is also available in full breakout configurations. Able to be painted, clad or specially anodized, the 5200 can match most any specified storefront.