record-usa develops its own technology to enhance both the safety and the performance of each entranceway. From self-monitoring sensors that assure the very safest in opening and closing cycles to or exclusive advanced reporting SMART Panel each record door  greatly exceed the common conceptions of what an automatic door should do.

record RIC 290

The record RIC 290 sensor device uses microwave and active infrared technology. It is equipped with both a combination of motion and presence detectors that trigger opening and closing operations with a high level of security and reliability. The device actively communicates with the door control, and recognizes persons in the passage area. A light curtain also prevents collisions with the door leaves.

record S.M.A.R.T Panel

The next best thing to a talking door……The  S.M.A.R.T (Self Monitored Accurate Reporting Technology) panel tells you at a glance just what is happening with your door…