Software Update                effective 09/02/2020 

New Electric Locking          effective 10/01/2020

Software Update

PRODUCT BULLETIN effective 09/02/2020


Please be advised that record USA is moving to new software on some of our products.  The RIC290 Combi sensor upgrades from V2.80 to V2.90 
The BDE-D (Display or Smart Panel) remains at V3.40. 

The FPC Flashprogrammer will upgrade from V3.30 to V3.40 to handle all upgrades.

All the mentioned software has been updated to the record – usa website (recorddoors.com) to be downloadable to the SD Card contained on your FPC902 Flashprogrammer. Please see that your techs, both near and far receive this notice for the upgrade to allow them to continue to work with the new product coming to them. 

Any questions, please consult with your Partner Care Specialist, or ask for Tech Support. 



Sotware Update V2.50 for system 20 / 20 RED / 20 DUO / 20 UNI / 21 / 21 RED / 21 UNI / 21X

            The modification improves the detection of the SSK at a locked door when there is no power and the battery is in sleep mode.

After the CPU start of the control unit and before the application is fully initialised, the SSK signal is checked at three moments. If the signal is present once at these moments, the door will be unlocked and opens. This shortens the SSK triggering time from 1.4 s to 0.4 s.

Software Update V2.60 for system 20 RED / 21 RED

            The software improves the behaviour when changing the operating mode from "One‐way" to "Automatic". When using record FlowControl, the operating mode of the door frequently changes between "One‐way" and "Automatic". Up to now, a RED test was always carried out in which the door remained open for a certain time.

Now the user can parameterise this function of the control unit exclusively via i‐record for record FlowCon‐trol, so that the RED test is inactive in the transition from operating mode "One‐way" to "Automatic". (see also rpn no. 115 of June 2020)

Software Update V2.13 for Speedcord 2.0

 The factory setting of the default operating mode has been changed from "Dead man" to "Automatic".

Software Update V2.90 for sensors 290

In the case of sensors with motion detection, the control of the microwave modules has been improved in order to increase the functional safety even further.

For sensors with presence detection, such as RIC 290, AIR 290 and AIS 290, the background check is reactivated when the factory settings are loaded.

Also for sensors with presence detection, the auto‐adaptation time has been adjusted to the value 6 (30 s) as the factory settings for all scenes in order to meet the requirements of EN 16005. When loading the factory and default parameters, the setting is reset to this value.

Software Update V1.7.3 K20M/K20S

Thermal sensor for motor type DUNKER_GR80x80 changed to PTC.

New Electric Locking

New Electric Locking Package for 5100 Series

Attached please find images of the new electric locking package for the 5100 series. The advantages over the former lock are:

  • Utilizes a pin-style locking mechanism which increases strength and provides ease of adjustability
  • Stainless steel locking pins lock into slotted strike bracket, eliminating the need for vertical adjustment
  • The only adjustment necessary is in the horizontal direction and is done by loosening the strike brackets, moving until pin is centered in slot, and retightening.

The part number for the Series VRR 5100 electric locking is:

  • VRR 51 Lock, Electric, Fail Safe –     202-003815707 (Lock Only)
  • VRR 51 Lock, Electric, Fail Secure – 202-003815706 (Lock Only)

The new lock can still be configured as a fail-safe or fail-secure in the field by rotating the solenoid around just like the former lock.

Click on picture below for an enlarged view.