6100 / 8100 / SimpleSwing

 How to

This video shows how to properly preload and install the standard arm (9-80-0105) on our swing door operators.


How to properly preload and install track arm

This video shows you how to install a record slide track arm (9-80-0104). The Slide Track Arm – Inswing (pull) reveals to 6" Outswing (push) reveals to 3".

Exact wiring pin locations and where to land them on the control.

 Terminals 1, 2, 3



How to properly set the hard stop on SS / 6100 / 8100.

KIT, HARD STOP (9-80-0103) The unit is provided with an adjustable full open stop. 

How to perform a learn cycle

Press and hold the blue button on the main control in the header until the LD1 light flashes red 3 times.              

How to connect rocker switch

Shows proper rocker switch orientation when properly installed. KIT, ROCKER SWITCH ASSY. w/CABLE    (9-80-0106)

6100/8100 Technical Differences

6100 - Smaller motor and low energy specification only. 8100 - Larger motor and able to move larger doors. It can meet low energy requirements or be full power.


Display Pad - Exit Function

Using the record display to exit automatically after door is turned off.

Rehanding  operator  for the 6100/8100/SimpleSwing

Video covers the steps to rehanding an operator in the field.(The record cover is prepped both sides to accommadte a hand change).  


115 VAC connection to swing doors

Video shows how to connect power to the 6100/8100/SimpleSwing products.

Wiring an electric strike

Videos shows the specific wiring for a fail secure electric strike when powered from the control.

Header Mounting Heights

Specific Mounting Heights for swing door headers. These are based on arm types and spindle adaptor size.


Video discusses the first 2 levels of control resets. The first is a customer level reset and the second is a technician level reset.

Swing Door Fire Alarm I refraction

How to wire in a fire alarm to the record 6100/8100/SimpleSwing Doors. Also covers the mechanical installations items needed to be done correctly to comply with NFPA80.

Quick Clamp trick to hanging a header

How to use quick grip clamps to attach your header.

remote/secure activation

6100/8100/SimpleSwing Secondary activation contacts on the record control. These will easily integrate into access control and have a separate time delay.

Setting time delay on 6100/8100/SimpleSwing

Programming the time delay on our swing doors. Step by step instructions and the different in the standard time delay and remote.

6100/8100/SImpleSwing Opening Assist

How to program the opening assist on a record swing door operator. This is not PUSH N GO. Totally different and should be set on every installation.

Push N Go like no other! How to set Push N Go

Setting the most advanced push n go on the swing door market. This video shows the steps to set up your 4 options when it comes to push n go.

6100 / 8100 Locking Parameters

Setting the locking functions on swing door using the FPC. Quick video for basic lock settings. 

Conrtol reset from Display 5100/6100/8100/SS

Simple reset from display pad without having to remove the cover.

How to properly wire a sync cable between 2 operators. What to connect and what not to connect.

Does your swing door fight you when opening it manually? Watch this video to see how to fix that with one button.

5100 Series Automatic Sliding Doors

This video shows you how to put the display into programming mode, make program changes, and exit programming mode. This will apply to all record products with a display.

This video covers the card reader inputs on the 5100 automatic sliding door. This input is also used for access control or credentialed devices.

How to wire a display pad into the control. This applies to all products.

How to use the built in features of the 5100 automatic sliding door header. How to lock it in the open position, how to close it, as well as how to remove it completely.

How to adjust the record 5100 AntiRisers for proper door operation. This ABSOLUTELY must be done prior to hanging the door panels.

How to lock out the display on a 5100/6100/8100/SS door. This video shows the unique sequence to lock and unlock a display pad.

How to access manual mode on a 5100 automatic sliding door. Manual mode can be used as part of a closing procedure for a retail store.

Shortcut to changing the partial opening distance on the record 5100. No need to open the header and no need for a programmer. Check it out!

How to increase or decrease your opening distance on the 5100. What to look out for as far as safety issues.

How to properly set your bottom guide when using a sway rail. What to watch out for and what tools you will need to complete the job.

How to properly adjust the height of your SX or locking panel. Insuring the door locks before adjusting the height. Height adjustments start with centering the lock.

How to prep and install your SX panel on the 5100 fixed Sidelite unit. Prep includes your height adjustment screws and bottom guide.

How to install your fixed sidelite on a record 5100 unit.

How to orientate and install your sway rail. Pay close attention to the screws and make sure they do not project as that can cause your bottom guide to bind.

How to attach the jamb tubes to the header.

Coming Soon...How to reset a slider with FPC
Coming Soon...Ramp and seal functions


I-record Introduction

Just a quick introduction to the I-record platform.

Coming Soon...How to install display
Coming Soon...Connecting the FPC to control
Coming Soon...How to change opening / closing speeds
Coming Soon...Using smart link to program
Coming Soon...Display pad lock out options
Coming Soon...How to perform a reset with display pad
Coming Soon...Maintenance schedules