National Accounts Program

Passion, Value and Service - Promise to a commitment of excellence!

record offers the industry’s leading National Account Program, capitalizing valuable time and coordinating most of your security and fire needs. We eliminate the need to engage a diversity of service providers and manage multiple service contracts by offering a single-source national security solution with a single point of contact (SPOC) customized to your systems, preferences and procedures—aimed at providing comprehensible reporting, simplified billing and centralized administrative procedures.

Our professional team ensures on-time installation and provides unrivaled excellence in Account Management, Installation, Service, Monitoring and Billing; offering tailored customer service & support with complete transparency. From strategic planning to emergency solutions we’re a partner who offers cross-functional collaboration to ensure your business goals are met.  Our SPOC approach combined with the convenience of centralized invoicing effectively streamlines communications between you, the customer, and our National Accounts Team during every phase of development.

What can this type of personalized service provide for you?

Having an SPOC management model streamlines communication and data collection preventing problems from being addressed multiple times at various points across the supply chain – saving you time and money.  It eradicates confusion and saves time ensuring that critical details are easily accessible- averting time-wasting searches and fragmented information.  Our National Accounts Team is solely focused on client interaction and data management; maintaining the primary resource for information from start to finish.

Our reputation rests equally on providing a personalized approach with technical expertise and perceptive attention to detail to help turn your visions into reality. We pride ourselves on delivering a proactive approach designed to ensure your needs are consistently met and monitoring performance levels to maintain our commitment to a high standard of service. YOU are at the center of everything we do.

What puts us a step above the rest?

Reduced Cost of Overall Ownership, offering:

  • Leading industry products with NO built-in service or wear items.
  • Warranty coverage doubled of the industry standard of 1-year.
  • Incorporated control and sensor design intelligently communicate to provide the safest door operation
  • Low power consumption and built in energy saving features reduce cost of operation, and minimize the loss of conditioned air.

Our SMART Panel Display provides real-time status of the door and pertinent information to the user, such as:

  • Current operational state when service is needed.
  • Diagnostics that lead to user correction without calling for service.
  • On-site programmable opening size.
  • Management of routine maintenance updates.
  • Reminder to conduct daily operation checks.

For more information contact record-usa (800) 438-1937  ask for David Pickers