Energy Saving

record-usa has developed the most efficient operating system on the market. Electronics allow for both low wattage consumption and energy efficiency.

The Standby load has been tested at 25 watts. This is when the door is closed at rest and set on automatic mode, with other peripherals connected such as sensors, locking, etc.

The maximum loading (continuously in full operation) has been tested at 100 watts.

5100 Series Sliding Door System

The record 5100 Series Sliding Door System provides silent microprocessor driven gear reduction belt drive operation for years of dependable service. This Swiss and American designed sliding door has the latest in electronic assembly and software programming and comes with a lifetime warranty for the door track system. The 5100 Series sliding door is not only available in all ANSI configurations, but can be applied to all types of specialty applications.

5400 Series Automatic Hurricane Impact Rated Sliding Door

record-usa is proud to introduce our Stormcord series of hurricane resistant sliding door systems. The record 5400 Large Missile Impact Series and the record 5500 Wind load series have both been tested to rigorous Florida State and Dade County criteria and offer the same fluid, quiet and reliable operation that the record 5100 Series is known for. The 5400 series has been tested to design loads of +65/-70 PSF (NOA 15-0316.04)