You have chosen a record high performance, high quality product. To ensure your automatic doors function perfectly for many years to come and adhere to current safety regulations, periodic servicing is essential. We provide maintenance that allows you to control operational costs and make huge savings on servicing charges.


record North America is very pleased to partner with only the upper echelon independent automatic door distributors.

Our vast dealer network, across all fifty (50) states and throughout Canada offer impeccable 24 X 7 X 365 service and are factory trained and certified to service most any make and model of automatic doors. Maintaining a complete inventory of the most commonly required parts and components, our dealer network is ideally suited to offer service work for all retail, healthcare, and other establishments that utilize door automation.

Planning- and Drawings 
We provide CAD data in different formats.

Our know-how – Your benefit 
We manufacture, assemble, distribute, install and maintain the different record automatic doors. Today record is well known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic doors for pedestrian use.

Our certified installers, and repair service technicians offer years of product knowledge allowing us to support a variety of customer needs within the industry. Our repair service technicians are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have the technical skills and inventory to perform efficient and cost competitive service. We maintain a balanced inventory on all of our vehicles so repair time is reduced. With qualified service technicians and the ability to stock and service most any automatic door equipment we are positioned to provide excellent service.

It is proven that through professional maintenance and care the life time of your record automatic door will last noticeably longer. Please contact us for further details at 1 800-260-8833 or e-mail Service@recorddoors.com.

Call Center                                                                                                    

Our call center is poised to meet your requirements as they relate to emergency service, remodels, rush replacements or simply standardized needs. Available at any time via (800) 260-8833 or Service@recorddoors.com we look forward to meeting and exceeding your emergencies. When the others say "we can't, our response is how can we help?"

record FlipFlow

For assistance with record FlipFlow exit lanes, please call 704-220-6810. This number is monitored by a person from 8AM to 10 PM daily Eastern Time. Calls between 10PM and 8AM Eastern Time will be responded to after 8AM the next business day.

Consulting and sales

Our team of professionals will do on site surveys to determine what is the most beneficial program we can provide to meet your particular needs, within your defined budgetary concerns.

Installing and commissioning

We understand that your doors are only as good as a certified, qualified installation. With our expertise we will ensure your doors work perfectly from install, final tune-up through the warranty period and well beyond.

Servicing and maintaining doors

All warranty periods end; contract with us to receive individualized programs to meet your every need. Our teams are AAADM certified and experts on most makes and models of doors, not only our own. If your door needs repair, cosmetic enhancement, or replacement, we can make sure this happens to your total and complete satisfaction.


With unique and exclusive features and benefits that tell you at all times through the lifetime of your door, our SMART panel easily and confidently tells you what is happening at all times with your door. From advising if a part or component has been abused or failed, to notifying you of when planned maintenance is due, to reminding you to perform a daily safety check, we take the guess work out of doors while greatly reducing needless service calls and door down time.

Renovating older installations

With our new recordfit kit, we have the ability to replace your worn out, defective operating systems with a brand new system that is fully warranted for two years and enables you to keep the existing door panels, housing and framing system in place. Doors still aesthetically appealing, specially anodized, or clad? No problem. Allow our technicians to provide the recordfit today!

Supplying spare parts and support

Our trucks maintain a full selection of the most commonly used wear and tear items as well as sensors, controllers, and motors and gear boxes. Eliminate repeat service calls and additional down time by knowing that when you call us, we will in most instances, repair the door quickly, efficiently, inexpensively, and in one visit. Our technicians know the importance of meeting KPI and checking in and out as directed. We understand the critical needs of a service organization and we are well trained in surpassing your every expectation.

AAADM certification

All of our technicians are AAADM certified (current and as required-we do not participate in the one-time certification and them allowing the time frame to elapse credo) and fully understand the mandates of the ANSI standards. Our goal is to provide you with a beautiful, safe, durable, reliable door way each and every time we install, service or maintain your doorway system.

Planned maintenance                

We offer to you varying programs and tiered levels to meet your door need and budget requirements. We will also gladly customize intervals, parts programs and levels of maintenance to best suit the application and functionality that you desire. Contact us to today schedule a survey to review of all of your needs.

On demand service availability

We also provide On Demand service contracts for emergency situations that will provide you peace of mind for those unwanted and unexpected occurrences.

Extended warranties available

Should you decide to invest in extended warranties to meet your budgetary planning, we will gladly review with you options for multiple year extensions.

Other door systems

While we specialize in automatic swinging, sliding, folding and revolving doors, our technicians have a unique skilled set on manual, rolling and other types of door systems. Please contact us to see what we may be able to offer to you on any door problem that you may experience.

Toll Free Technical Support Number

844-366-7526 or 844-DOORJAM

When answered, you will be greeted by a menu that will allow you to select by product, by person, or returned goods authorization.