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Case Studies

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Central Dupage Hospital

Based in suburban Chicago in Winfield, IL- Central DuPage Hospital has installed over the past several years over 100 each 8100 series swinging door systems, muliple 5100 series  sliding door systems, and a handful of 5900 series manual ICU trackless doors.

Delnor Hospital

Delnor Hospital in Geneva, IL consistently purchases record product and to date has nearly 50 each 8100 series swinging door operators as well as double digit 5100 series sliding door systems throughout their gorgeous facility.


St. Joseph's Medical Center

Centrally situated in beautiful Mishawaka, IN, this state of the art facility displays several 5100 series sliding doors as well as over 400 each 8100 series swing door units. The 8100 is utilized in both the full power and low energy modes throughout.


Flower Hospital

Located in Sylvania, OH, patients freely enter and exit through our 5100 series bipart sliding door systems on the main entrance and the 5100 series telescopic doors on the ambulance entrance.


Beaumont Hospital

The Beaumont, Royal Oak campus is a 1,070-bed tertiary hospital, complete with inpatient and outpatient serviceswith several buildings prominitely featuring a Blasi 2 wing automatic revolver on the ER Entrance and the 5100 series bi-parts on the Auditorium & Learning Center Entrance.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Halifax Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) installed their exit lane breach technology in December of 2015. Installed at Halifax are three (3) lanes of the Twin Extended model which have been tested and approved by CATSA (Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) as an unmanned exit corridor. Halifax joins Fort McMurray, Toronto Pearson, Vancouver International and Ottawa Airport to install record-usa’s exit lane breach technology. 

Carolinas Medical Center

Carolinas Medical Center in Pineville, North Carolina, standardized on our 5900 series manual ICU doors. Also, throughout the facility are installed multiple 8100 series swing door operators and 5100 series sliding doors in various configurations.

Eugene Airport, Oregon

In November of 2015, Eugene Airport (OR) installed their exit lane breach technology as part of their terminal expansion project. Two (2) Twin Extended (two full height doors with half-height gates) models were installed by record-usa. The exit corridor was tested and approved as unmanned by their local Federal Security Director (FSD) in August of 2016.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Seattle WA

In 2012, Seattle-Tacoma Washington International Airport (SEATAC) became one of the first major airports in the U.S. to use state-of-the-art automated exit lane technology at their Concourse B. record-usa initially installed three (3) lanes of their Twin Extended (two full height doors with a half-height gates) exit lane breach control technology and in 2016, for enhanced security reasons,  retrofitted the units to the Triple model (3 full height doors) technology. The units have been tested and approved by the local FSD (Federal Security Director) as unmanned. The airport has plans to finish installing Triple units throughout the entire airport in 2017.

Burg Hohenklingen, Stein am Rhein (Switzerland)

The Hohenklingen Burg or castle is a landmark perched about 200 meters above the small, picturesque town of Stein am Rhein in Switzerland. In the course of its long history, it has been protected from war and destruction and thus still looks very much as it did in medieval times.

Today the Hohenklingen Castle with its restaurant and impressive views is a popular destination for day visitors and event catering, popular well beyond its national boundaries.

The comprehensive restoration, completed in 2007, has enabled record to play its part in making many parts of the castle wheelchair-accessible.

Rolex Flagshipstore, Zurich (Switzerland)

For one of the world’s most exclusive brands at one of the world’s most exclusive addresses record supplied the main entrance door.

Opened in January 2013, the Rolex Boutique is run and maintained by the long-established family business of Carl-Friedrich Bucherer. The heavy security door, finished in 24-carat gold, was fitted with a modified underground drive to ensure reliable but silent operation despite its enormous weight.