SimpleSwing Door Operator

Adjustable parameters
Opening angle Angles - track arm - 90 degrees Standard arm - 120 degrees
General technical specifications
Power supply voltage 24V AC/DAC @ .5 amp for magnets, electric strikes

6100 or 8100 provided in a square header with Display control panel.


•    All SimpleSwing SD, HD series single door units are supplied with an arm assembly, a two piece header, 1/4 or 1/8 hp motor, gear box and controller.
•    All SimpleSwing SD, HD double door units are sup-plied with two arm assemblies, a two piece header, 2-1/4 or 1/8 hp motors, 2- gear boxes and controllers.
•    Single Doors-SimpleSwing SD are provided in 36" door widths
•    Single-SimpleSwing HD,- units provided in 36", 42" or 48" door widths.
•    Pairs of doors SimpleSwing SD in door widths of 72" 
•    Pairs of doors SimpleSwing HD-units provided in door widths of 72", 84" or 96" 
•    All SimpleSwing SD, HD series operators are field re-versible

Header Dimensions

SimpleSwing SD, HD -4.5 x 5" x opening width

Door capacity motor sizes

SimpleSwing SD is equipped with a 1/8 hp electric Eco-pulse motor. 

Maximum door width is 36" Maximum door weight 1751bs Interior use only 

SimpleSwing HD is equipped with a 1/4 hp electric Eco-pulse motor. 

Maximum door width is 48" Maximum door weight 4001bs Heavy Duty 
Interior or exterior use Consult factory for heavier doors

Arm Options

Standard arm -outswing or inswing- for use with butt hung, center pivoted or continuous geared hinged doors. Reveal limitation is 12" on push side. Reveal limitation is 1" on pull side Minimum distance between Door frame F and opposing wall is 7" on pull side. Track Arm - Outswing or lnswing- for use with butt hung, center pivoted or continuous geared hinged doors. Maximum reveal limitation is 6" on push side Maximum reveal limitation is 3" on pull side 
Double Egress - One track arm and one standard arm for use on opposing swing doors 

Arm Adapters

An extension adapter is included with each arm assem-bly, connecting the drive arm to the operator output shaft. The standard adapter supplied is a 35 mm adapt-er, mounting the drive arm approximately 1-1 \8" " below the bottom of the header. 
Optional adapters are available that will increase or de-crease the distance below the header. 

20MM-Accommodates up to½" stop works well with narrow stile doors.Provided as standard with track arm

35MM-Accommodates up to a 5/8" stop works well for narrow and medium stile doors Provided as standard with standard arm 

50MM-Accommodates up to a 1" stop allows for use on Double Egress doors with triple step frame. Provides flexibility in the mounting height of the unit. 

80MM-Used for Double Egress same side operator mounting. Provides additional flexibility in oper-ator mounting height. 

For double-egress installations, the Double-Egress kit, includes an offset adapter for the track arm and a 50mm adapter for the standard arm, accommodating a double-
rabbet frame. 


SimpleLynk Display 
One Button Setup Adjustable Hold open 
Push or pull same unit Electro-Mechanical 
Full Length Header Microprocessor Control Electric Latch Assist Adjustable Latch check speed Programmable Controls Positive Stop 
Built in Interface w/ El Strike Built in Interface for Bodyguard UL Listed-Electrical UL325 UL Listed- 3 Hour Fire UL228 Diagnostic evaluation 
3 year Warranty 

Programmable functionality

One button set up 
Field reversible Adjustable closing speed Adjustable opening speed Adjustable hold open time Power Assist 
Power Assist Closing Push-N-Go 
Auto-Reverse Adjustable opening angle Astragal coordinator Power boost 
Adjustable opening force Adjustable closing force Power open Spring close Power Open/Power close Spring Open/Power close 


SimpleSwing SD, HD series ANSI/BHMA 156.19 UL325/UL228 


Built in door coordinator of pairs of doors

Door Positon switch

Provides signal indicating whether the door is open or closed 


1 year on the SimpleSwing SD

3 year on the SimpleSwing HD