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We are very pleased to announce that 2018 was another year in which our growth had significantly exceeded that of the industry. We pride ourselves on not only meeting your expectations, but making the extra effort to ensure that your entranceway is designed, installed and performs better than what our competition may be able to offer.

If you haven't experienced our level of service, you owe it to yourself to do so. You'll know soon enough why we are growing year after year.

Your complete satisfaction with the quality of our products and services is our top priority. To achieve this we provide: 

  • Individual, professional advice in choosing building access solutions for both people and goods
  • A wide range of high-tech products to meet the requirements of modern building automation
  • Elegant designs with numerous options, compatible with any architectural style or building plan

We offer various door entrance solutions for retail business, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, train stations, airports, administrative buildings, industry and many more. We are dedicated to providing customer orientated solutions.

Our industry leading dealer network and branch organizations are dedicated to our customer's complete satisfaction from project conception to completion.

There are 43 record subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA, and we have over 60 years experience in mechanics, sensor technology, electronics and software for automatic door systems and related products. For more information about our group please visit our GROUP-WEBSITE.

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Marty Licciardello


Assembly in Fehraltorf, Switzerland

The agta record Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of automatic door systems. At their headquarters in Fehraltorf, record develops and produces a wide range automatic door systems and peripherals for their markets all over the world. All products are made and finished by record in-house and leave the factory only after extensive quality controls.

Production of electronic components

The Fehraltorf factory makes PCBs for all record door systems and their peripherals. These are fitted with electronic parts by modern SMD machines, and used in a range of record door controllers, sensor devices, remote controls and communication modules. To ensure record’s high standards of quality, all electro-mechanical components are tested for 100% functionality.

Profile processing area, glazing centre, work stations, special customer products

In our spacious factory, we assemble everything from individual operator modules to complex doors for special applications, together with the relevant peripheral devices; in short, a wide range of record quality products. Profile processing is computerised, and also makes profiles for door leaves and side screens to order. The glazing centre fits glass or other materials of the appropriate quality to door leaves and side screens. 
In practically equipped work stations, high-quality products are assembled and prepared for delivery. All products undergo stringent quality controls to ensure full functionality and the high quality record is justly famous for.

Assembly of high-speed gates and special installations (France)

A wide range of automatic high-speed gates are assembled in France. These robust, reliable, automatic gates are chiefly installed in factories and other industrial complexes, in warehouses and other buildings that have to be draft-proof. Products include robust folding gates giving outside access, rapid-operating, space-saving rolling gates for inside buildings, e.g. for clean rooms or refrigerated zones. In addition, special one-way access systems are also manufactured here, chiefly used at security zones inside airports, where it is necessary to control the flow of people.

Assembly of revolving doors and special installations (Germany)

The design and assembly of automatic revolving doors, screens and special installations occurs at the Blasi factory in Mahlberg (Germany). This ultra-modern factory has a working area of about 5000 square metres, where engineers and other highly-qualified specialists create automatic door solutions to meet a number of frequently complex problems. The factory makes both two and four leaf standard revolving doors as well as providing tailor-made solutions.