New Electric Locking Package for 5100 Series

The advantages over the former lock are:

  • Utilizes a pin-style locking mechanism which increases strength and provides ease of adjustability
  • Stainless steel locking pins lock into slotted strike bracket, eliminating the need for vertical adjustment
  • The only adjustment necessary is in the horizontal direction and is done by loosening the strike brackets, moving until pin is centered in slot, and retightening.

The part number for the Series VRR 5100 electric locking is:

  • VRR 51 Lock, Electric, Fail Safe –      202-003815707
  • VRR 51 Lock, Electric, Fail Secure – 202-003815706

The new lock can still be configured as a fail-safe or fail-secure in the field by rotating the solenoid around just like the former lock.

When ordered with a complete door package those who receive special net pricing will still be charged the corresponding add.


  • Electric Lock